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It is sometimes difficult for a young student to find a temporary job. And yet, they need it to finance their studies at university. Here are a few practical tips to help you find a student job.

In order to quickly steal a student job, it is important to take good care of your CV and cover letter. In other words, all the information on your CV and cover letter must be correct and up to date. It is important to remember that the majority of recruiters hate lies in CVs. It is better to personalize your cover letter to increase your chances of being recruited.

It is easier to find a student job by applying through job search sites. The candidate will be able to select from the various offers that are available there. Simply send your CV and cover letter directly to the e-mail addresses of the companies you have chosen.

Leave your CV at the company reception desk. If your job search has not yet been successful, you should not lose your patience. Perhaps the candidate has forgotten to deposit his CV at the reception of the targeted companies. If this is the case, it is advisable to do so today to avoid regrets. Of course, it is advisable to put your CV and your cover letter in an envelope.

Focusing on sectors that recruit students

There are sectors that recruit motivated young students. These are more specifically baby-sitting, animation and supervision of children or teenagers and the hotel industry. The same is true for jobs in health, catering and telemarketing. It will therefore be necessary to target them in the first place to put all the chances on its side.

Go through a temp agency

It is possible to find attractive job offers for students through a temp agency. This is a temporary employment agency that recruits a temporary employee on behalf of a given company. Temporary employment agencies specializing in a specific sector of activity are to be preferred. It is advisable to visit the website of the temporary employment agency before taking the plunge.

How to choose the right student job?

It makes perfect sense to choose a student job related to your university education. Otherwise, the student will not be able to develop the knowledge and skills he or she has acquired. If he has studied pharmacy, he should select a health profession. He can, for example, work in pharmacy. He can also choose to work as a midwife. In any case, the student will be able to complete his studies and deepen his knowledge. Of course, he can work in a profession that has nothing to do with his studies. He will be able to earn money to finance his studies, but he will not be able to enrich his professional experiences.

Balancing temporary work and studies is far from being an easy task. To avoid mixing the two areas, it is always best to organize your schedule well. Many companies and individuals offer jobs with flexible hours for students. Depending on the company, this can range from 15 hours to a maximum of 16 hours per week. Learners can therefore work on weekends or in the evenings after classes at their convenience. The most important thing is to be able to put money aside to finance studies without wasting the year at university.

Activate your network to find one

A student is completely deluding himself by thinking that he has no network. Indeed, one should not forget one’s family, friends, neighbors, parents and teachers. This obviously constitutes a network. In fact, one might even be surprised at the extent of one’s own. These people are able to provide him with valuable information or put him directly in touch with a recruiter. So don’t hesitate to talk to them about looking for a job. You can also register on professional social networking sites such as LinkedIn or Viadeo. This will provide opportunities to interact with recruiters and learn about companies. However, it is important to know that a network is built slowly, which is why it is important to get started as soon as possible and to ensure that you are reflected in the image you project. It is crucial to have a good e-reputation.

Visit exhibitions and professional events

When a student looking for his or her first job goes to exhibitions or similar events, he or she has the opportunity to meet recruiters, access job offers or find opportunities.  Where it is possible to attend a job fair for seasonal workers, meetings of the employment cluster, job forums. Otherwise, there are also trade shows, including one for agriculture, the restaurant and hotel industry, etc.

What are the positions that recruit the most students?


Restaurants are among those that hire the most students. Managers must pay the hourly minimum wage  to their employees.They offer them a multitude of tasks such as preparing orders to be served with a gross salary of 1,680.53 dollars per month.  The employees also collect the tips offered to them. For fast food, however, students receive the hourly minimum wage with a semester bonus equivalent to one month’s salary.


Several companies are currently recruiting motivated and mobile students in the event industry. Not only do they help them gain more experience, but also earn more money. For example, an event communication manager can receive up to 1,800 dollars gross per month. For the organization of events, the individual receives a minimum of 2100 dollars per month. Students gifted in animation are, for their part, paid per mission and earn in the 400 dollars in a few hours.

Commerce and mass distribution

Signs are looking for a large number of trainees each year to ensure a smooth workflow. In general, the inventory takers are paid at the minimum hourly wage with additional bonuses depending on their productivity. However, companies only hire students with a BAC+2 or BAC+3 degree for a department manager position. The latter, for his part, benefits from a remuneration from 1480 to 2000 dollars. Students working as sales agents are paid only by commission.


Parents need a responsible person to care for their children during their absence. This is an area that attracts more attention from young students who like to take care of toddlers. Concerning the salary, it should be noted that they receive an hourly minimum wage of 9.88 dollars gross per hour. The amount received generally depends on the number of children and the number of hours worked per week. It is better to privilege cities with high demand to benefit from more money.


Most agencies often use students to offer positions such as home schooling. Remuneration varies according to the distance and especially the level of each student. For tutoring in primary school, the price can range from 10 to 14.50 dollars per hour, compared to 10.75 to 15.75 dollars in middle school. In addition, if a learner provides tutoring in higher education, he or she will be paid between 18 and 22.25 euros per hour.


Most students are more interested in the delivery trade to better occupy their time. Companies recruit them to travel around the city to bring one or more items to recipients. On average, young people earn around 9 dollars per hour. Some companies offer a payment based on the mileage done during the day. The figure is around 1.4 dollars per kilometer. In the event of an accident, students can benefit from health insurance from the Social Security for the Self-Employed.

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