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Why Sport is Essential When You Are a Student


More than a simple physical activity, student sport is one of the essential elements that contribute to a good living condition and a healthy lifestyle.

The practice of student sport helps to know ourselves and others better, to have self-respect and to know how to respect others and therefore helps to increase self-esteem but also to improve social life.

It is one of the best ways to learn the values of ourselves and others with whom we live. It reinforces self-esteem, allows social integration and prevents isolation.

This is how student sport often enters the school and educational program, as it is generally advisable to combine pedagogical and sports education in order to obtain better results.

It is often thought that sports activities are expensive, yet if you are in a student residence, you will surely have sports facilities available. If not, you can always run in the parks around you, ride your bike… there are a thousand ways to do sports at a lower cost. And today we explain why you should absolutely practice a physical activity in parallel with your studies.

All students need to do an activity next to their studies. It can be intellectual, associative, musical or physical.

Sport allows both a healthy lifestyle as a prevention of diseases and at the same time to improve the mental and physical conditions of the student.

Practicing sports while being a student allows you to get to know yourself better and therefore improve your self-esteem. Sport among friends is also a very good means of social integration.

What are some good plans?

It’s possible to do sports without ruining yourself! Here are some good plans:

For the lazy ones: call your coach!

To do this, several apps are available to meet all your needs: training, fitness, running … all at any time from your phone and free!

Think about Fizzup: the reference app for fitness. Thanks to it, access a personalized program according to your sporting abilities. The most ? No need for equipment, Fizzup offers only abdominal exercises, bodybuilding and cardio.

Of course, you can also think about Runastic: Thanks to this app, follow your physical efforts in real time: record your run and calculate your calories burned as well as your speed. With the paid version, you also have access to GPS tracking and a personalized coach.

For those in a hurry, use 7 minutes workout: this app offers intensive fitness programs. But beware, only a daily practice will lead to results.

Going to the gym without ruining yourself

A subscription to the gym at less than 30$/month is possible!

Think about the Neoness gyms that offer rates starting at 10$/month. The most ? Pay only for your consumption.

Doing sports every day improves mental capacity.

Certainly. Studies over the past three years show that regular physical activity has a beneficial effect on problem solving and reaction time. In particular, studies have shown that students in physical education programs perform better than those who do not. Walking or moderate-intensity exercises are excellent activities. They have a positive effect on students’ problem-solving abilities.

Playing sports allows the secretion of hormones called “endorphins”. The role of this hormone is to promote a feeling of pleasure and euphoria. And having a good morale is important to keep motivation in one’s studies.

Do you get better results in written or oral exams when you practice a regular sport activity?

Theoretically, yes. Physical exercise has a good influence because it plays a key role in the self-regulation of emotional states. It allows the individual to relax before an important deadline. But we must not forget the emotional factors directly related to the event that can be decisive in the success of exams.

What happens in the body and brain during exercise?

Several neurophysiological reactions occur at different levels. The most important one is the production of endorphins produced by the pituitary gland under the control of the hypothalamus. This hormone can trigger feelings of well-being and relaxation. It is now known that physical exercise not only affects the junction between nerve and muscle, but also improves the neurotransmission function between one nerve cell and another. Not to mention the effects at the emotional level (managed in particular by the more primitive parts of the brain), with a reduction in anxiety and even depressive symptoms when an activity is practiced regularly and at moderate intensity (about 70% of the maximum intensity).

What type of sport is best practiced during an exam period?

There is no particular sport that I would recommend. The student must remain attached to the sport he or she enjoys playing. But moderate intensity activities should be done to maintain balance – cycling, jogging, rowing, fitness or wellness – for example. Ball sports are also welcome. These have a suspensive effect that has an impact on the general mood.

Sport has educational values

Team sports help a lot on the social side. Indeed, playing rugby for example, teaches values such as honor, respect for others and rules, self-control but also friendship. Sport is a school of life, it brings elements that complement your studies.

Sport helps to create relationships

If you are passionate about sports, you will meet other people who share your interest. If you are in student residence, going to the gym can help you meet your neighbors for example. Otherwise, you can always go to a public gym, which will allow you to meet other people outside of your studies.

It instills willpower and tenacity

When we practice a sport, we are regularly used to setting goals. To reach them you need patience but above all perseverance. Practicing a sport on a regular basis instills a state of mind that one should have when studying.

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